Bar Amazonia Sports Bar Manila

Where else can you get great food and drinks 24 Hours a day served by the most lovely ladies, while catching up on your latest sporting event.

Need to know when the next game is Showing in the Sports Bar, Check this page, for future games, and ones happening right now.

We post of facebook and twitter to alert you of the next games so you will not miss out on your team


Watch AFL Live in Manila

Aussie Rules Football, come watch with us, Second Floor, Sports Bar
We post time times on twitter and here for you to know when you need to be watching your AFL team.

Watch NRL Live in Manila

National Rugby League, live games, come watch with us, Second Floor, Sports Bar
Check out twitter or here to know when your NRL team is playing.

Watch International Cricket Live in Manila

Were else are you going to watch the International Cricket in Manila, Bar Amazonia Manila.

Watch Premier League Live in Manila

Premier League Manila, The only place to enjoy your teams victory in the Sports Bar, Second Floor,Bar Amazonia Manila.